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I have had many people ask me what I do to my music files to make them sound so nice. First let me say that I remove all of the noise that I possibly can, without distorting the spirit of the original recording, because I like to hear them that way. I know some folks like the "natural" noise that comes from listening to old records and cylinders, but I like to think that removing the noise makes them more like they would have been when they were new. I also listen to my Christmas music files all through the Christmas season, and listening to them over and over with the noise in them is just plain irritating to my ear. So that's the WHY of the question.

Many of my music files come from records, especially 78 rpm records, that I own. Since mostly these records were made during the 1920s through the 1950s (with some being made both before and after that time frame), that makes them 50 to 90 years old. And some of the records were played many times over the years and not taken the best care of, so they can be really full of pops, scratches, and other noise. I also get files from the internet. I do a lot of searching to find the oldest and rarest recordings for my collection. And since many of the files that I download in this way are in their "noisy" form, I also do my noise reduction on them.

As you can tell when you play these clips, they could use a little TLC and noise reduction. So I put them through several steps of an audio application to remove impulse noises (pops and clicks) and then the other noises, including hum, buzz, SSSS, machine noise, and general hiss. Once that is complete, sometimes taking much longer than other times, I may do some enhancement to put back a little of the far ranges of sound that the first steps may have removed. I also clip the noise off of the start and end of the file. Then I make the sound level correct to match my other files.

Here are some samples of files (just short clips) in the "noisy" stage, and then AFTER all the necessary steps have been completed.

Trinity Male Choir - Christians, Awake, Salute the Happy Morn 1922
Tascott - You Must Think I'm Santa Claus 1906
Prince's Orchestra - On a Christmas Morning 1911
Dinah Shore - You Meet The Nicest People 1957

Did you notice that not all noise has been removed? Listen to "Trinity Male Choir - Christians, Awake, Salute the Happy Morn 1922 FINAL (fixed)" to hear what I had to leave in order to keep the sound from getting distorted. Sometimes the noise and the music are so close together that one cannot be removed without affecting the other.

Also listen to "Tascott - You Must Think I'm Santa Claus 1906 FINAL (fixed)" and you will notice that there is still noise, but now you can tell what the music sounds like even so. In the original file, the noise was so bad that it hurt my ears to listen to it more than once. I think you will agree that the corrected file sounds much nicer and you could stand to listen to it over and over.

The Results:
As you can see, I put a lot of work into each music file so that the result will be pleasant to hear, with the original sound kept true, and as homogenous as possible. It is a labor of love, as this is my hobby. I hope you enjoy my music also.

When you purchase Vintage Music Room CDs, which are made from digitally rendered tracks from original 78 rpm, 45 rpm, 33 rpm, cassette tapes, and cylinder recordings, you will be getting music as it may have been heard many, many years ago. Although a noise reduction process was carefully applied to each track, since the originals were very old and usually well-used records, tapes, or cylinders, you can expect to hear some pops, crackles, and machine noise. Only tracks that were able to be rendered to a GOOD or better level are included on these CDs in order to make each one a pleasure to listen to.
We will refund your purchase price gladly after return of the product to Vintage Music Room if you receive it broken or damaged, or you did not receive the correct product. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the sound on your CD, we will also refund on receipt of the CD back at our location.
To request a refund or other service, please complete the Contact Us form. You will receive a response from us quickly to resolve the issue.

Your satisfaction with Vintage Music Room is important.
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