601 - Calypso Christmas The De Paur Chorus
LP from 1956

An interesting LP containing calypso versions of Christmas songs, Leonard De Paur conductor.

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1Christmas In the TropicsIt's always fun to make comparisons, though, and Christmas in the Tropics does just that. To us, a Christmas Eve when, instead of an evergreen, the whole house is decorated "with trinkets and tropical fruits" is amusing in itself as are fireworks in the afternoon and the idea of spending the day "in a panama hat and white linen suit".Lyrics and music by Jester Hairston. Solo: Hamilton Grandison
2Christmas Present for Sallie (Calypso derived from Barbados Folk Lore)This is the sad, comic story of a man made "a victim of hospitality". Starting home on Christmas Eve with a present for his wife, Sallie, he is assailed by friends and relatives insisting he share their holiday spirits. In the course of drinking toasts to his wife and others, he loses the present, his wits, and his Christmas Eve with Sallie. When Sallie catches up with him she gives him twelve empty rum bottles around the head. But when he gets out of the hospital he will buy her a new present and make the best of "a very bad situation". by Leonard De Paur. Solo: Hamilton Grandison
3Oh Poor Little JesusThis is another touching expression of sympathy for the Christ Child, in anticipation of the trial that lay ahead. Who can help feeling that the words "Dis world gonna break your heart" speak for the humble all over the world as the Saviour? traditional, arranged by Leonard De Paur
4Ring de Christmas BellsA fitting climax to this Calypso Yule, a recounting of the three rich kings that brought gifts to the holy Child. First came Gaspar bringing Frankincense, then old Melchior with myrrh, finally Balthasar with a gift of gold . . . "and He shall be King of Kings!" Notes by Charles BurrLyrics and music by Jester Hairston. Solo: Grady Menefield
5De Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy (Trinidad Calypso)From the Edric Connor Collection - by Max Saunders and Hal Evans. Solo: Herbert Stubbs
6Sweet Little Jesus BoyBy Robert MacGimsey Arranged by Leonard De Paur. Solo: Luther Saxon
7Mary Had a BabyNegro Spiritual arranged by Alice Parker and Robert Shaw
8La Virgen Lava PanalesMexican traditional arranged by Leonard De Paur. Solo: Joseph Crawford
9Mary's Little Holy ChileCalypso by Jester Hairston, arranged by Leonard De Paur. Solo: Hamilton Grandison
10Mary, Mary, Where Is Your Baby? (Spiritual)by Jester Hairston. Arranged by Leonard de Paur
11Roun' de Glory Mangertraditional arranged by Leonard de Paur
12What You Gonna Call Yo' Pretty Little Baby?Lyrics and music by Jester Hairston. Solo: Grady Menefield
13Christmas Morning, the Rum Had Me YawningLord Beginner (Bonus Track)