502 - A Choral Jubilee of Christmas  

A Choral Jubilee of Christmas has songs from the 1940s - 1950s on this CD containing 32 tracks taken from my personal vintage Christmas music collection. Included on the "A Choral Celebration of Christmas" CD are some of the best-loved choirs including Billy Vaughn Chorus, Mount Holyoke Glee Club, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Norman Luboff Choir. The digital copies were originally taken from 45 rpm and 78 rpm recordings. You will hear some familiar songs and also songs rarely heard now. If you enjoy great choral music, you will love this collection.Each track has been carefully processed to remove noise — including pops, clicks, hiss, and machine noise and enhance the audio quality, while striving to keep the recording true to its original sound. This means that some noise may be heard, even after processing, in order to prevent loss of important sound or distortion.

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SongArtistSong Clip
1The First NoelBilly Vaughn
2Christmas StoryBilly Vaughn
3Deck the HallsBilly Vaughn
4Have Yourself a Merry, Little ChristmasBilly Vaughn
5It Came Upon a Midnight ClearBilly Vaughn
6Nigh BethlehemBilly Vaughn
7RagsBilly Vaughn
8Silver BellsBilly Vaughn
9Sleep, Baby Mine (Carol Of the Mother)Billy Vaughn
10The Christmas SongBilly Vaughn
11Yuletide Is Here (Swedish)Mount Holyoke Glee Club
12Carol of the Birds (French)Mount Holyoke Glee Club
13Carol of the Nuns of Saint Mary (15th cent Engl)Mount Holyoke Glee Club
14Holy Day Holly (Cornish dance carol)Mount Holyoke Glee Club
15In Dulci Jubilo (German)Mount Holyoke Glee Club
16Jacques, Come Here (French)Mount Holyoke Glee Club
17O'er Her Child (Breton)Mount Holyoke Glee Club
18Patapan (Burgundian)Mount Holyoke Glee Club
19Sing We Noel (16th century French)Mount Holyoke Glee Club
20Touro-Louro-Louro (Provencal)Mount Holyoke Glee Club
21Wake, Nightingale (Franconian)Mount Holyoke Glee Club
22What Perfume This, Oh Shepherds SayMormon Tabernacle Choir
23Brother John's NoelMormon Tabernacle Choir
24O Rejoice, Ye Christians, LoudlyMormon Tabernacle Choir
25See the Radiant Sky AboveMormon Tabernacle Choir
26Song of the BagpipersMormon Tabernacle Choir
27The Angel's SongMormon Tabernacle Choir
28This Little BabeMormon Tabernacle Choir
29Up and Awake Thee, Peter LadMormon Tabernacle Choir
30Band Of AngelsNorman Luboff Choir
31O Come Little ChildrenNorman Luboff Choir
32Still, Still, StillNorman Luboff Choir