102 - Christmas In the Early Recording Years Vol. II

Rare Christmas recordings that reflect the tastes of the early 20th century. These tracks come from mostly cylinder recordings, with some early 78 rpm recording included. Noise reduction has been applied to bring each song to a level that affords a pleasant listening experience.

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SongArtistSong Clip
1Christmas, Christmas, Blessed, Blessed Day - 1917Metropolitan Quartet
2Merry Christmas Sleighing Song - 1914Olive Kline
3Bells of Christmas - 1913Edison Concert Band
4The Kiddies' Christmas Frolic (Morning) - 1919Columbia Orchestra
5Ring Out, Wild Bells - 1916Edison Carol Singers
6Hail, Hail, Day of Days - 1913Edison Mixed Quartet
7Hail Smiling Morn - 1904Edison Quartette
8The Star of Bethlehem - 1914Henry Burr
9Auld Lang Syne - 1914Prince's Band
10Song of Ages - 1918Metropolitan Quartette
11Christ the New Born King - 1904Robert Price
12Why Don't Santa Claus Go Next Door? - 1909Byron Harlan
13I'd Rather Be Kissed 'Neath the Mistletoe Bough - 1913Al Campbell & Henry Burr
14The Kiddies' Christmas Frolic (Evening) - 1919Columbia Orchestra
15You Must Think I'm Santa Claus - 1906Tascott
16Winter Song - 1916Criterion Quartet
17Star, Beautiful Star - 1905Harry Anthony & James Harrison
18Christmas Day in the Workhouse - 1913Robert Hilliard
19Christmas At Sea - 1913National Military Band and Male Quartet
20Christmas At Clancy's - 1908Steve Porter
21The Street Watchman's Christmas - 1913Bransby Williams
22The Miner's Dream of Home - 1918Anonymous
23Jack's Return On Christmas Eve - 1918Anonymous
24Christmas Time Seems Years and Years AwayManuel Romain
25The Miner,s Dream of Home - 1918Anonymous
26Jack,s Return On Christmas Eve - 1918Anonymous