101 - Christmas In the Early Recording Years Vol. I

Rare Christmas recordings that reflect the tastes of the early 20th century. These tracks come from mostly cylinder recordings, with some early 78 rpm recording included. Noise reduction has been applied to bring each song to a level that affords a pleasant listening experience.

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SongArtistSong Clip
1Every Day's a Holiday In Dixie - 1919Collins & Harlan
2Come and Spend Christmas With Me - 1909Byron G Harlan
3Cantique De Noel - 1919Enrico Caruso
4On a Good Old Time Sleigh Ride - 1913Peerless Quartet
5On a Christmas Morning - 1911Prince's Orchestra
6Uncle Josh Plays Santa Claus - 1907Cal Stewart
7Santa Claus Blues - 1907Benny Carter
8Santa Claus's Workshop - 1910Prince's Orchestra
9Hallelujah - 1908Emmy Destinn
10Santa Claus Talks About His Toys - 1918Gilbert Girard
11Old Jim's Christmas Hymn - 1910Harry Anthony and James F. Harrison
12Winter - 1916Harry MacDonough
13Oh You Silv'ry Bells - 1913Ada Jones and Billy Murray
14Down On the Farm - 1906Ada Jones and Len Spencer
15Why Don't Santa Claus Bring Something To Me? - 1913Billy Williams
16Christmas Eve In Old England - 1905Edison Carol Singers
17A Christmas Basket (Poem) - 1913Edward Stirling Wright
18Around the Christmas Tree / Little Christmas Shoes - 1914Elsie Baker
19Santa Claus Song - 1906George P. Watson
20Santa Claus Gives Away His Toys - 1918Gilbert Girard
21Birthday Of a King - 1914Thomas Chalmers
22Christmas Eve In the Barracks - 1918Hector Grant, Herbert Payne, Walter Miller, Johnny Wakefield
23A Jolly Christmas - 1918The Minster Singers
24Christmas Comes But Once a Year 1919Zono Quartet
25A Jolly Christmas - 1918The Minster Singers